All students must be formally registered prior to attending any classes at The School of Southwest Ballet Theatre. The registration process is  completed through Crossfit Fury’s applications. There is no annual registration fee. Questions about the registration forms can be directed to CrossFit Fury at (623) 932-4338.

Tuition fees are non-refundable. Tuition rates are as listed below, giving the students flexibility to attend class by class or at a flat monthly rate according to student level. Students enrolled in any division have the flexibility to take as many classes at their level or lower levels as desired.  The student’s placement of level will be determined by the artistic director.

Please note, students registered at the monthly rate must give 30 days notice prior to cancellation.

Punch Card (Barre and Adult Ballet Classes Only): $130/10 classes

Trial Class: Pre-Primary-Level 2 – $15 / Levels 3 -6: $20

Drop In: $15/class

Individual Class Type (1 class each week for a month): $65

Pre-Ballet: 4 classes per month: $55

Level 1: 1 technique class + jazz: $90

Level 2: 2 technique classes (2 hours) + jazz + tap: $120

Level 3: 2 technique classes (2 1/2 hours) + jazz + tap: $160

Level 4: 3 technique classes + pre-pointe/pointe + Horton + alignment+ jazz + tap: $190

Level 5: 4 technique classes + pointe + alignment + modern + Horton: $210

Level 6: 4 technique classes + Pointe + Pas De Deux + Modern + Alignment + Horton: $230

Each dancer is encouraged to take what is suggested above for each given level. However, the tuition model is unlimited which is meant to give the dancer freedom to take as many classes as desired.